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, it's sort of glasses that they don't put it right in your eye. they put it right above. they can show a video. we have been experimenting what this could be used for. there are obvious uses in your daily lives. we never had a device that records or could record what you saw contemporaneously. think about it. >> so how will we use it? we don't know. not crashing into doors because we're looking at our glasses. >> hopefully there will be telemetry that will tell you you're about to trip. when you have the digital world that tells what the analog world is doing. people fixing eyeglasses and medical applications to more interesting ones involving performers who show the audience what they say in addition to when the audience sees at a performance. there are many, many creative things. you just saw at the new york fashion show where some of the models were wearing this. you looked at what -- one of the eye catching literally trends. another was the whole idea of driverless cars. >> the driver has been doing something else. >> so you know, it's a lexus 450 and there is a button. and you tak
is that we do a pretty good job of catching up to the basics. we don't do a very good job of genius, all right. if you take a look at google news, many of you use google news, it does a pretty good job news, it does a pretty good job of assembling the obvious stuff.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2